Inside the Bites.

Our goal was to create a convenient and delicious way for everyone to incorporate essential vitamins and nutrients into their daily health routine. Our bites are made with high quality ingredients combined with revolutionary flavor profiles, so you can truly enjoy your daily wellness routine.

Inside Bites
How they’re made:

Goli® Bites are made in a state-of-the-art, cGMP certified facility in the US. The facility was designed with quality in mind in order to produce safe, reputable products with the highest standard of quality assurance carried out throughout the entire manufacturing process. Goli® Bites are made in the US with top quality ingredients that have been locally and globally sourced.

Our goal was to deliver delicious bites to health-conscious consumers which is why our products are made without any added preservatives, chemicals or artificial ingredients. You can rest assured knowing our products are tested at every stage of the process in order to provide you with the highest quality Goli® Bites you will grow to love!


Our product development team carefully tested numerous flavor combinations in order to find the perfect flavor profile for each of our Goli® Bites. The delicious taste is achieved without the use of artificial flavors or artificial sweeteners.


Our Goli® Bites are made in the U.S. with local and globally sourced ingredients. In order to produce a premium product, our bites are made without any chemicals, or artificial ingredients.


We test at every stage of our process, from manufacturing the bites to quality checks upon packaging. We ensure that not only the highest quality ingredients are used, but that the highest standard of quality assurance is carried out throughout the whole process.

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