Why valuepoint

VALUEPOINT is a leading global Health Care and nutrition retail store health and wellness issues and
promoting healthy lifestyles.
VALUEPOINT , your , and is committed to addressing reliable partner for Wholesale food
supplements with many years of experience.
At VALUEPOINT , we offer you natural food supplements of our own formulation, after a rigorous
scientific process, which will support your diet for the proper functioning of your body.
To be healthy, fit and vital throughout the year, we should take care of our health, support our
body and make an active contribution to our well being and that's why VALUEPOINT develops and
sells unique Nz upplements of the highest BIO quality for the whole family, which meet the highest
standards and are among the best in the market.
VALUEPOINT is not just a store; it is a space where those who do not have a voice are given and
where shopping makes lives.
VALUEPOINT’s organic seal is a guarantee that our products have been grown to the highest
possible production standards. In harmony with nature, without chemical providing Health Care to
You and to the the planet.
100% NATURAL PRODUCTS s and genetically modified seeds,
Food supplements are natural and vegan nutritional supplements. It is important that you take natural
food supplements that your diet may lack, for various reasons such as Vitamins, fatty acids, and other
food supplements. They all have properties that we at VALUEPOINT value for proper Health Care.
At VALUEPOINT, our products are 100% natural, without additives, preservatives, and free of sugars and
palm oil. They help you complement your diet in a healthy way for your body.
VALUEPOINT - A Promise of Quality
100% Quality, we are not satisfied with less. The Supply Quality Policy aims to monitor the procedures,
processes, and resources applied in the import, storage, and distribution of raw materials for the food
and animal feed industries through a rigorous selection of certified suppliers and partners offering
products of the highest quality and technology.
Compliance with all required requirements demonstrates our commitment to providing SAFETY and
TRUST to our partners and customers, thus contributing to an increasingly QUALIFIED MARKET and the
continuous IMPROVEMENT of our services.
Quality Management is adapted to our mission, and we bet on the strategy of conducting continuous
training to deepen the knowledge of our employees using those of the pre-established Quality
Management tools. The partners we work with guarantee our excellent quality standards through the
application of the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) which is a measure aimed at
guaranteeing the healthiness of food products (including, of course, also supplements) during
production and through the adoption of the food hygiene. Furthermore, our products - as Nz

Supplements - are not only topnotch but are suitable for vegans and vegetarians too, who value Plant-
based nutrition and holistic health care.
We want everyone to be able to afford to buy high-quality food supplements. We firmly believe that
anything we eat, drink or ingest should be of the best possible quality, but at the same time accessible.
Of course, quality has its price. During the process of selecting the raw materials, we evaluate not only
their quality but also their safety. We always try to buy ingredients at fair prices, trying to be as careful
as possible about production and marketing costs, in order to guarantee our customers an excellent
quality/price ratio.
We only invest in what we believe to be really important: in excellent products, fair prices, and good
personalized customer service.
Our 100% natural Vegetable Nz supplements are not medicines. They help prevent future organic
deficiencies or act as an aid to balance organic or circumstantial mismatches.
We Value Our Customers
One of our most important objectives, as well as an integral part of our corporate philosophy, is to
guarantee excellent and above all , personalized customer service. When our customers contact us
do not end up in anonymous call centres, but they can, whether by email or telephone , speak
directly with us, know our names and get ad hoc answers for their specific needs.
Balance Is Reached Within Us
We at VALUEPOINT are convinced that a healthy body is obtained primarily through proper nutrition.
What we nourish our body is essential for both our health and our appearance. That's why, thanks
to our leading scientific experience, we create unique products to help you achieve greater
balance in life.
Our goal is not only to convince you to prefer our food supplements but also to help you make
healthier choices at all times in your life because we know there is nothing more important than your health.