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Only the best in the market!

 If you are looking for high-quality products to enhance the effectiveness of training, want to achieve the desired weight through proper nutrition, supplements, or just to give yourself a daily supply of energy, we have the right products to help you in this.

We have a wide range of products in our store such as New Zealand Apple Cider vinegar, New Zealand protein powder, Protein shakes, etc. Visit our products section for more. 

Our New Zealand Apple Cider Vinegar has been produced exclusively with delicious apples, thus obtaining a totally natural vinegar with an excellent flavor, perfect to accompany salads and prepare various sauces. Its great purifying and demineralizing effect make it a superior food supplement, which will provide Health Care and enhance the flavor of your meals as well.

  Highlights of our New Zealand apple cider vinegar 

➢ Age-old ACV health benefits

➢ Infused with superfoods, pomegranate & beetroot

➢ Enriched with vitamins B9 & B12

➢ Safe for tooth enamel

➢ Great taste  

Our Nz Protein Powder

 Slow and fast proteins!

 Protein powder is known worldwide as the fastest digesting and absorbing natural protein. Casein is digested more slowly, which supports muscle building for several hours. 

Our Nz Protein Powder can be used as a night snack due to the slow supply of amino acids or at any other time of the day when you need a mixture of proteins.

Our unique formula contains many minerals to improve your overall health.

 Our Nz Protein Powder is state-of-the-art and has been thoroughly tested and tested for purity and safety.

Our New Zealand protein powder Highlights:

➢ Helps enrich diet with protein

 ➢ Promotes muscle repair after exercise

➢ Curbs cravings for unhealthy sweets



 VALUEPOINT Nz Supplements are those nutrients that provide benefits in the right amount and in a totally safe way because they do not contain any type of preservatives or additives.

Our Nz Supplements are carefully and uniquely-produced.

We choose to study and develop innovative and tailor-made products, accepting not only the suggestions of our team of experts but also the wishes of our customers.

This is also why our complexes were born, supplements that combine traditional medical knowledge with the results of the most recent scientific research. Again, we combine carefully selected ingredients based on their effects. An example of the combination of tradition and innovation is the formulation of our Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, which uses pectin, a fiber found in orange peels, to ensure that the Goli gummy is vegan, which strongly support the immune system. 

Innovation is and will be ours, a driving tool, and we will continually explore new ideas, innovative ingredients and differentiated nutritional formulations in attractive and accessible packaging to customers, both economically and logistically through our distribution network throughout the national territory.

Combined with science as an active and basic principle, we add technology and responsibility at all times, continuously building a portfolio focused on products specially designed to serve our final customer.

We don't just create Nz Supplements for special needs, but we try to develop ad hoc products also for different groups of customers. An example is our Nz Protein Powder. 

VALUEPOINT Nz Supplements are aimed at helping the health of anyone who, following more restrictive diets, needs to integrate vitamins and minerals in higher quantities. Our supplements, in fact, contain a balanced concentration of active ingredients, also perfect for counteracting any deficiencies. Our natural supplements suitable for vegans and vegetarians offer different kinds of benefits. VALUEPOINT Nz Supplements:

 ➢ Supports the musculoskeletal system

➢ Boosts the immune system

➢ Stimulates the metabolism

 ➢ Contains multi minerals for health, sport, and a greater need.


Vegan-Friendly Formulations

 All our products are made without the use of substances of animal origin or derivation, responding perfectly to the needs of the Vegan ( Vegan Friendly ) world. 

Gluten-Free Ingredients

VALUEPOINT products are also suitable for those with gluten intolerance.

All our formulations are made with gluten-free ingredients.

Wellness for everyone!


 VALUEPOINT collects herbs from organic crops or from controlled spontaneous plantations.


The naturalness  of  the plant  is  preserved:  the industrial process  does not  alter  the synergy of  the components.


Before  arriving  at  your  home,  supplements  must  have  passed our  strict  quality controls.

Each ingredient  is  selected b y a team  of  experts  ensuring  that  each raw  material is  free  of  animal derivatives and  that  it  remains  so  even during  the production process  to  guarantee  product  safety and respect for the environment.