About Us

As a Distributor and wholesaler we supply the products of natural sources nationally and internationally. We support in providing advice, suggestions, and careness to generate healthy habits and lifestyles in our consumers. We are also an import export company. We are dedicated to build and maintain our relationship with our overseas partners.Our quality service has made us stand out from the crowd. It has been giving us the edge over our competitors to expand our business, which is evident in our wholesale distribution of health and nutrition products and foods.Today we can feel proud to contribute directly to kiwi society, through our real contributions to the health sector of the country and in the generation of employment. These facts position us as one of the most important providers of health and nutrition products in the naturist sector.

We only supply quality products, starting with your needs. We invest safely by providing supplements with the highest quality standards.


To commercialize products and services of excellent quality, with constant innovation and profitability, seeking growth and establishing positive, healthy, and lasting relationships with our customers, employees, and partners.
To Grow and perpetuate, to become a reference in the market, to delight our customers, employees, partners, and shareholders.

We are a marketer of natural products for medicinal, cosmetic, and nutritional use, based on active elements extracted from medicinal plants and natural resources.
For this, we have a highly qualified human team that lives with passion and commitment to its work, to give our clients high-quality products backed by scientific studies and clinical and chemical tests, which contribute to the well-being, health, and quality of life of the people.


We love nature and are committed to respecting the environment, which is why all our supplements are of natural source.
We transact with manufacturers all over the world, taking into account their traditional country of origin and ensuring their quality.
These manufacturers mostly use vegetable ingredients and do not add unnecessary or artificial substances to their supplements, such as magnesium stearate, flavourings, or preservatives.
They work with dedication to the formulations of their supplements. They combine the ingredients with proper measurement and suggest dosages to achieve the desired effects.

We only rely on trusted manufacturers that we have known for years, and that strictly guarantee the quality standards we seek.
Sustainability is not just a slogan: whenever possible, we work with local partners, choose renewable energy sources, and use public transport.We only supply quality products, starting with your needs. We invest safely by providing supplements with the highest quality standards.

For us, VALUEPOINT is a big family. We are by your side, from start to finish. To give you support and growth.

We uphold and value:

  • Integrity and Transparency
  • Healthy work environment
  • Discipline and commitment
  • Knowledge
  • Innovation


VALUEPOINT is a project committed to holistic health care and nutrition, which offers an open window to society, promoting mutual and respectful knowledge.

Our model is not only to supply products with raw materials of plant origin because we think it is healthier, but we also take into account other concerns related to the ecological footprint and animal exploitation.

We will continue investigating for the continuous improvement of the formulations of our products and looking for those that have real utility.

That is why we not only offer high-quality products but a commitment to this world. We believe that the best way to respond to current challenges is to be a different project, in which we engage in research and outreach, even before going to the market.

We believe that with our way of promoting and spreading proper nutrition to society, with the positive values on which it is based, we will achieve many points of understanding, which will help everyone to walk towards caring for the planet.


Our wish at VALUEPOINT is that our promise of a better life reaches all areas of society, especially when it comes to children and adolescents with nutritional deficiencies. For this reason, in order to ensure their full health, our emphasis is on nutrition and holistic health care, thereby providing them with the necessary nutrients in their daily diet.


Feeling alright is not the same thing as being healthy. To achieve full health, it is necessary that each cell in your body function at 100% of its capacity, which translates into a healthy body, free of diseases, and with the correct weight, keeping you young and energized for longer. A healthy body promotes a better quality of life.


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