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Bang Energy Drink NZ

Diverse flavours of Bang Energy Drink around New Zealand, Something For Everyone

Long days, busy weeks, late nights and jam-packed weekends; we’ve all become accustomed to caffeine for its stimulating effect on the body and the nervous system. Caffeine is a natural substance also found in green tea, chocolate and cocoa powder. You can enjoy it as the more appealing Bang energy drink in New Zealand, loaded with caffeine which may improve your alertness and focus. Bang is also sugar-free, carb-free and zero-calorie. The beverage is available in a range of flavours, all the greatness in a can. Value Point is a trusted supplier of supplements with natural origins. We aim to provide support for holistic wellness to individuals. Various payment options, payment plans and reliable delivery to your door are available.

A Breakdown of Bang Drink

Caffeine comes in all kinds of delicious forms: the most well-known, coffee, is a roasted bean, and some consider making the perfect cup of joe an art form. However, you can also find caffeine effortlessly in a bang energy drink – a sugar-free, 16 ounce can of caffeinated greatness. We share the info here:

  • It is a sugar-free, carb-free, zero-calorie energy drink and is jam-packed with 300mg of caffeine – the equivalent of two cups of coffee. One can of 16 ounces/500ml Bang drink is a serving.
  • Twenty-one delicious flavours can be found in pina colada, sour head, bangster berry, apple crisp, frose rose, mango bango, rainbow unicorn, and many more.
  • Catering for different tastes, Value Point sells Bang energy drink in singles, packs of six or twelve, as well as mixed packs of four.

Fun Facts On Energy Drinks

Energy drinks, whether Bang energy in New Zealand or another, have a notorious reputation. However, it can be consumed responsibly. As with most things in life – balance is the key. We share some of the best facts around caffeinated drinks:

  • A quarter of college students combine energy drinks with alcohol. A popular shooter, the Jagerbomb, is a combination of liquor and an energy drink. Men between the ages of 18 and 34 are the biggest consumers of energy drinks.
  • Instant mental and physical alertness is the goal: after consumption, the optimal stage of alertness lasts for approximately 45min. Energy drinks may improve your mood.
  • Asia-Pacific is the second biggest market for energy drinks, after the United States. It is estimated that consumption in this region will grow by approximately 7% in the next five years.

About Value Point

We are a distributor and wholesaler of products made from natural sources from across the world. We take great care in ensuring we provide quality products together with guidance, recommendations, and support to our customer base. We believe in building trusted relationships with customers and partners. Our mission is to support individuals in their health and wellbeing journey with supplements and ingredients to encourage holistic wellbeing. Awareness of ourselves, the earth, and all its inhabitants inform our core values. We promote integrity, a healthy work environment for our team, discipline, commitment, knowledge and constant innovation. Our offering makes use of sustainable practices throughout the process. Contact us today for an extensive range of products, several payment options and fast, reliable shipping across New Zealand.